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What We Do. 

This web site contains information about Pet Fish Talk, the weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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a Pet Fish Talk Show now.
Pet Fish Talk.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk, an internet podcast about keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and Ponds, hosted by the Bailey Brothers, Tom and Nevin, each Wednesday at 3 pm, Pacific Time.
     For the October 27, 2010 Pet Fish Talk Show.
In this show the Bailey Brothers talk about the Fish in the News, Nevin's Fishy Factoid, then talk with callers and read questions from listeners.
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As you listen to Pet Fish Talk, you can also follow other underlined links to related web pages with pictures, videos, and more information about the topics being discuss during the show.
Listening Guide with Comments, Pictures, and Links for this Week's Pet Fish Talk Show
A nice Parkinson's Rainbowfish
This fellow has been living in Tom's 29-gallon aquarium for a couple of months. His orange marked areas expand as he grows bigger. This show starts with Tom and Nevin talking about each fish that's shown on this page.
A Venezuelan Eartheater Cichlid
This was just a small 1.5" to 2" long tan fish, when imported wild from the rainforests in Venezuela about 6-months ago. Since then he's been living in one of Tom's 55-gallon aquariums, where he's grown to be about 6" long. Each day he gets more colorful, and it's lots of fun watching him constantly churn one mouthful of gravel after another to extract tiny bits of food. This is a wonderful aquarium fish.
A young Jack Dempsey Cichlid
This young fellow has also grown up in one of Tom's 55-gallon aquariums. He's now about 6" long. A week or two ago he was mostly pink and orange. Now he's is about 50% black and blue, and soon he'll be almost entirely black and blue. This is an ornery aggressive fish that is not suitable for most aquariums but loved by aquarists, who have one.
A Pictus Catfish swimming in Tom's Aquarium.
Wow! What a wonderful Catfish, shown here, watching Tom take pictures. Those whiskers are actually longer than this fish's body, and just look at that happy-go-lucky smile. This is a wonderful aquarium fish.
Fish in the News from has sent you a news article. ... newspeciesdiscoveredevery3days
Fish in the News from Robert in New Jersey
Hi Tom and Nevin, there are two stories this week that should peek your interest one being the math class at the aquarium the other is more of a challenge as itís in your back yard so to speak. I think I speak for the audience in that you should go see the underwater pumpkin carving and give us a firsthand account of how itís done. Now come on everyone send Tom an email of encouragement to go on this adventure ! Your friend, Robert in NJ
Coast Guard checks on discolored water near Lousiana. ... 4be8f7
Florida 1,500-gallon Airport Aquarium is Repaired. ... Airport_Aquarium
Children take math class at Chessington Zoo. ... Chessington_Zoo/
An underwater pumpkin carving. ... pumpkin-carving/
Tennessee Aquarium launches two new web cameras. ... 19992
Aquarium Diver Cleans Tanks at 84 Years Young. ... water.html
Fish farming for fun and profit. ... 40149
Rotten Experiments Create Picture of Our Early Ancestors. ... 192133.htm
Callers during this Show  ;^ }
Tom in Portland, Oregon, calls and asks about how to get rid of small snails in his aquarium?
Brad in Troy, Michigan, calls and says he recently saw a fish in a local fish store, and one of the store's employees said the fish was a killifish. Brad promises to send us a picture taken in his cell-phone, while he was in the store.
The Bailey Brothers encourage YOU to call Pet Fish Talk during the show and talk about your pet fish.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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This page updated on April 24, 2019.
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