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What We Do. 

This web site contains information about Pet Fish Talk, the weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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a Pet Fish Talk Show now.
Pet Fish Talk.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk.
     For the January 02, 2008 Pet Fish Talk Show.
In this show the Bailey Brothers talk about the Fish in the News, Nevin's Fishy Factoid, then talk with callers and read questions from listeners.
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Listening Guide with Comments, Pictures, and Links for this Week's Pet Fish Talk Show
Fish in the News. Each week the Bailey Brothers start the Pet Fish Talk Show with some fun and interesting stories about fish in the news.
Crane lifting aquarium
In Bozeman, Montana,
Lawyer Installs Shark Tank at Office.
Bozeman lawyer Christopher Gillette covered his eyes Monday as a crane hoisted a 1,000-gallon aquarium through the second-story window of his new downtown office. “I can't watch,” he said, as half a dozen workers guided the roughly 8-foot-long, 4-foot-tall and 4-foot-wide tank into the space, causing passersby to stop and stare. Two lanes of traffic below the window, at 11 E. Main St., were closed briefly for the event. Gillette plans to fill the tank with saltwater creatures, including venomous lionfish and a blacktip reef shark, which can grow as large as 5 feet long. When filled with water, the $23,000 tank will weigh about eight tons. Click here to read more.
Fish Farm in Malaysia
In Malaysia
Pet Fish Farms are Big Business.
“The entire industry, when non-exported product, wages, retail sales and associated materials are considered, has been estimated to be worth US$15bil.” The biggest market is the United States, with about 10% of its households keeping ornamental fish. The other major export destinations are Japan and the European Union. But what is intriguing is that many of the fish comes from this part of the world. Malaysia is the world's No.1 producer and second largest exporter of ornamental fish. The country's leadership position in production is significant because more than 90% of freshwater ornamental fish are captive bred on fish farms like the one in the photo above. Click here to read more.
Baby Anaconda Snake
In Boston, Massachusetts,
New England Aquarium's Anaconda Gives Birth.  
Scott Dowd, shown above, is getting good at helping mothers and their babies. The Weymouth man’s wife, Tania Taranovski, had a baby boy on Thursday, and Ashley, the 16-foot anaconda snake that he cares for at the New England Aquarium in Boston, ushered in the new year with 14 little ones. Dowd, 40, the aquarium’s Amazon biologist and researcher, was concerned in recent weeks about the possibility of the births happening simultaneously. ‘‘It was really coming down to the wire, and I was convinced fate would have all the births going on at once,’’ he said Tuesday, ‘‘but the anacondas waited’’ until the new year. It was the first anaconda birth at the aquarium, said aquarium spokesman Tony LaCasse, a Randolph resident. For large constrictors to give birth while in captivity is unusual, he said. Click here to read more.
Callers during this Show.
Simon from Lawrenceville, Georgia, calls and says he wants to add Discus fish to his planted aquarium.
Tyler from Texas talks about his 10-gallon and 29-gallon aquariums, then asks about tips for breeding Dwarf Gouramis.
Jay from Indiana says he now has 25 aquariums in his fish room, where he mostly breeds Angelfish, and he talks about feeding his fish premium foods, so they will grow.
The Bailey Brothers encourage YOU to call Pet Fish Talk
during the show and talk about your pet fish.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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This page updated on April 24, 2019.
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