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This web site contains information about Pet Fish Talk, the weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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Pet Fish Talk.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds. Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk.

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     For the August 10, 2005 Pet Fish Talk Show.
In this show the Bailey Brothers talk with callers and read questions from listeners.  
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all four segments of today's show, or click on an underlined link given below in the Listening Guide to listen to a segment with topics that interest you.
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Listening Guide with Comments, Pictures, and Links for this Week's Pet Fish Talk Show
Segment One. 
Fish in the News: Nevin summarizes a news story titled, "Taggers Stare Down Sharks to Save Them - Aquarium helps biologists study primeval monsters." Click here to read the whole story.
More Fish News: A second news story titled, "
Gelatinous Plankton Pays Us a Rare Visit", is about the mysterious Black Jellyfish, Chrysaora achlyos, which is making only its fifth known visit to Southern California shallows this summer. Click here to read the whole story.
Evan from Colorado calls and says he sent us a picture of his new 20-gallon glass marine aquarium. Here it is,
Evan also says he's feeling a small electric current in his 35-gallon aquarium. Nevin says this is called a stray-current and could be dangerous. Tom remembers that Evan has done several do-it-yourself projects and wonders if this could be the result.
Raul from Tijuana, Mexico, sends us an email that says he's going to set up a new 75-gallon aquarium soon, and he wonders if he could use his 29-gallon aquarium as sump with a wet and dry filter?
James' email says he's seen pictures fish called Koi-Swordtails, and he wonders if these fish are a result of interbreeding Koi fish and Swordtails. Tom and Nevin reminisce about various unusual Swordtails, that they saw in the past. Click here to search for pictures of Koi-Swordtails.
Josh from Ohio sends an email that says he's seen something new in fish store: Planting Rocks from Hagan. Josh promises to call next week with the details.
Segment Two. 
Terry's email asks if Quick Cure will stain the silicone sealer in aquariums? Terry also wonders about refilling aquariums with a Python.
Dennis from Spokane, Washington, calls and says his aquarium with a layer of gravel that's 3-inches thick seems to be better for catfish than his other aquariums with a much thinner layer of gravel. This is contrary to Tom and Nevin's advice, but they still think that most fish will do better in aquariums with no gravel or a very thin layer of gravel. Dennis also has some interesting comments about schooling catfish.
Rachelle M. sends an email that says, "Hello, I have been having trouble opening up your segments. I tried Windows Media, Real Player, and even tried saving it to my hard drive and opening it from there. It keeps telling me "invalid or corrupt data was encountered". It has been almost a year that I haven't been able to open these up.  Do you have any advice to help? The only thing I can think of is the format you are saving it under is incompatiable to the versions of the audio/video players I have (Real Player 10 and Media Player 7.0).  Which version of Windows Media Player are you using? Can you post them in more than one type of media player?" Nevin says he had similar problems, which were solved, when he uninstalled then reinstalled the Windows Media Player. Click here Technical Support on Pet Fish Talk.
Joe in the U.K. sends an email that says, "I was looking around for a product that would take the drudgery out of conditioning my water supply and I came across a product from organic aquariums that conditions the tap water almost immediately. Have a look at
Taylor's email says, "hi it is me Taylor again i have wrote to you guys before and it helped well one of my gold fish who i love very much has flipover disease and she is on her back some of the time and i was wondering if you knew a cure for this disease  and if you could e mail me back the cure or what i should do! i have looked up the cure on the Internet and it says to give the goldfish a variety of food and i am giving them a variety of food i am giving them flakes floating pellets  and bloodworms but i am not over feeding  them! please i do not want my fish to die so if you could e mail me back as soon as possible that would be great thanks!!" Click here to read about
Buoyant Goldfish.
Nancy in South Carolina sends and email that asks, "Can Bettas live in an aquarium with a pump flowing ... a regular set up,  just as if you had, say, Mollies or some other breed of tropical fish?"
Segment Three. 

Tisha B. from Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada sends an email that says, "Hi Guys! Ok I have a question for you ... My Oranda Goldfish are acting strange. How you say? Well they like to rest on their backs ..Yes I know you may be saying "um I think they're dead" but they aren't. Nor do they show any signs of distress. They are eating and even laying eggs! (20 gallon aquarium) So I ask you what on earth are they doing this for? At first it was one of the more top heavy Orandas .. So I thought well he'll just grow into his head :) ... then the largest-7"- started doing it and he seems to enjoy resting upside down inside a bell. Then the smallest female started with this behavior ... who is also the egg layer-so please any logic to this? I am treating the water with a quick cure from the store just in case. I really love my fish. They're really cute and well if I could cuddle them I would so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. xoxo Always your faithful listener. P.S Thanks for putting my e-mail on your sight a few months ago ... made my day! week! month! It was great!"
Mike from Seattle, WA, calls and says he bought a red and blue bait fish. He wonders what kind of fish it is? So he can buy a mate for it.
Tom thanks Evan from Colorado for sending us the picture of his aquarium, which we posted near the top of this listening guide.
Brian B. sends an email that says, "I currently have a single male betta in a 2.5 gallon aquarium. He's on his last...fins I suppose...he's been around now for at least 3 years, so apparently I have done a good job with him. Anyway, my next fish are gonna be female bettas, and I wanna know how many females I could keep safely (Without overfilling) into that 2.5 tank. I do plan to get a couple of ghost shrimp as well too, just to help keep the tank cleaner so that may factor in." Click here for more information about keeping female Betta Fish together in an aquarium.
Lisa B.'s email says, "I have 2 really pregnant females. they have been showing for about a month and a half. how long can they hold their fry. I also have a male betta in the tank too.  I recently changed the water .water is 82* . should I take the betta out till they give birth? I don't mind them eating the fry. I have all my tank can hold right now  8 guppies ,1 betta , a catfish and a frog in a ten gallon tank. what do you think I should do to get her to have her babies before she pops?  she wont really pop will she? she's huge?"
Don T.'s email says, "hello PetFishTalk ! i am new a new aquarist and still learning alot about the under water world and find your site extremely informative. i look to your site first if i need any questions answered, BUT i now have a question that has yet to be answered. i recently purchased a pregnant female molly from my LPS and it has given birth to a lovely batch of 6 fry's, to my demise, the mother has passed away from what i am guessing was due to stress. now being so interested in breeding mollies, i have purchased 3 female balloon mollies and 1 male sailfin molly, i was wondering if the male sailfin and female balloon are able to crossbreed? i've been surfing the web for quite some time and have not been so lucky to find the answer, so i turn to you to help me. is this possible? has it been done before? i would hope so. i am an avid user of your site but don't follow up on the live shows religiously because of my time being spent mostly at work but an email response would be greatly appreciated, thanks PetFishTalk!! i hope you can help me answer my question and keep up the good work!!!"
Levi from Vancouver, Canada, sends an email that says, "Hi guys.  Discovered your site online and feel like I've struck gold Love your call in program also. I've heard you mention often that fish really don't require much light other than when you are viewing them.  Also I've heard you stress the importance of having only about a quarter-inch of gravel in your tank.  I'm wondering if this is enough gravel for the plants to take root in and not become airborne and if more light is required if you have natural plants? Thanks: Lee from Vancouver Canada" Click here for information about keeping live plants in terra cotta pots in aquarium.
Levi sent another email, "Hi guys.  I recently bought a small comet (under 2 inches). I purposely chose one with black pigmentation on it.  About a week after having it, it lost its black pigmentations and is now all gold (red). Why? A friend said it might be because the lights are on in the tank for too long. I was wondering if it was maybe the goldfish flake food bringing out its gold color. What do you guys think?"
Levi sent us a third email, "Thanks for the great information about having both a thermometer in addition to the dial setting heater.  I had my heater set at about 78F. When I got a thermometer for the aquarium there was almost a 5 degree difference! I erred on the side of caution and took the average of the two to adjust my aquarium temperature." Click here for more about thermometers for aquariums.
Nevin says his neighbors gave him a 15 to 20-gallon flower pot that he's turned into a container pond. Click here for more about container ponds.
Angie B. sends an email that says, "Hi guys, I have 2 plecs in my 180 gallon tank. One is 11 inches long and the other about 8 inches long. First how do you tell if you have got males or females. Also the other evening they both stuck themselves to separate  rocks and started thrashing at each other. Have I got a problem starting or will they be OK together. They are in a tank with Angels, Mollies, Fighters, Tetras, a Silver Shark and a couple of Scatts. I hope you can Advise me."
M.J.'s email says, "Hello, I Just wanted to say first off, I love your site. I am new to keeping fish and your site has really taught me a lot. I have only been at this about a month and a half and I already have 10, 29 and 40 gallon tanks going with different species in each. My question today has to do with the 10 gallon setup. I have it set up with some live plants, a biowheel filter for up to a 30 gallon tank and about 2" of fluorite substrate, which the lfs said would be good for the plants. I cycled the tank for about a week with the plants in it and then put 3 mollies and 2 platties in it for about a week. I know these fish were too big for the tank and also like the look of the neon tetras in a smaller tank with good light. A few days ago I got 6 neon tetras and 6 black neon tetras. They seem to be doing ok. (I took the mollies and platties out and put them in another 29 gallon by themselves, at least for now.) My question is "is the tank over stocked?" My lfs said it would be ok. They are all about 3/4" with a couple of black neons slightly larger. I was also wondering if it is not overstocked, would it be ok to put in a few fancy guppies? Or do I need to move my little guys and plants to a bigger tank? I know bigger is better, but I am limited on space. Would a total of 15 small fish be pushing my (and their) luck? Also, should I get a small pleco or cory to help with algae? As you can probably guess, I have new fish owners disease, also known as impatience. I am getting better, but with so may beautiful fish out there, it gets hard sometimes. Thanks for all your great info"
Kresta S's email says, "Hello! I wanted to start by saying I LOVE your site! It has been very infomrative for me! I do have a question to ask. I recently bought a leopard puffer and was mislead about this little guy!The people that sold him to me really didn't know anyhting about him as they said they did, so I am having to do a lot of research about him on my own. I had to transfer him to his own "place" because I had him with a fan tailed goldfish and he killed him, so I realized I needed to find out about him. I was told he could be put with the goldfish. Boy was that a MISTAKE!!!!! Are they normally shy guys? When I approach the tank he seems to RUN to the other side. Then he starts going all over the tank from top to bottom, over and over again. It looks cute because he looks like he's on a "roller coaster ride", but is this normal? After he calms down, he will normally sit or cruise around the bottom of the tank. Also, I read about "clamping the fins". What exactly do you mean by this? I have found him at times with his tailed curled around to the side of his body. Is this what you mean? Now for the eating thing. The lady I got him from told me he would eat the snails that actually come in on the live plants. Not sure what they are called though. She called them Bad snails. I have some in his tank, but I have yet to see him eat any. All he seems to like is frozen blood worms and occasionally frozen brine shrimp. I love this little guy, but wish I had did my research before I got him! I just don't want to loose him.  Hope I hear from you soon! Again, I want to say you have a great site! Keep up the good work. Thank you!" Click here for more information about Puffer Fish.

Segment Four. 

Two frustrated fish owners sent an email that says, "Hello, My wife and I have been trying to get our aquarium going for several months now. So far 9 fish have died, and we are frustrated. When we got the tank from my wife's sister, there were three goldfish in it, each about 3 inches long. They had been in this tank for several years. We immediately starting researching fish to see what else we could add, because we are not big goldfish fans.I found conflicting opinions, and added one blue gourami. Everything was great for about 6 months, and then the goldfish started dying, one by one. I remember no aparent physical symptoms of any disease or damage on the goldfish. Once the gourami was alone, we began to add other fish. We added a paradise gourami and three tiger barbs. A few weeks later the tiger bards died while we were away for the weekend. The blue gourami began to show signs of being ill shortly after that. I researched diseases and thought that it might have ich. I treated the tank regularly, bit it got worse and died. The symptoms changed along the way, looking more like fin rot toward the end. We did a water 50% water change and waited for the tank to cylce back around to normal bacterial and ph balance before trying again. This time we added a orange sail fin molly and a dalmation molly in with the paradise gourami. After about two weeks the dalmation died while we were away for a weekend, and the sail molly showed signs of illness. The sail molly died while we were away this weekend. The symptoms were the same as the blue gourami, early signs resembling ich, but looking more like fin rot as time progressed. All this time the paradise gourami has shown no signs of any illness. My wife and I are frustrated and about ready to give up. Can you help us? Last week I had our water tested and it was perfect. We use aqaurium salt and I have also added some slime enhancer/fin repair to try and reduce stress. What is going on? Thanks for your time. Two frustrated fish owners."
Andrea's email says, "Good day!  I had a question about guppies.  I have two baby guppies and they are approximately one month old.  How long until I can tell what sex they are?  They look plan thus far like there mom, does that mean that they are female?  Oh, and I heard something about the water temperature determining the sex of the guppies.  Is this true and if so, what temperature should the water be to get male guppies? Thank you foryour time!!!! Have a great day!!!!"
Tim from Holland, Michigan, sent an email, "Hi, My Name is Tim, and I'm from Holland MI, (on lake michigan). I have a two tanks right now; a 40gal. with a school of fish and a 55 gal. with a mating pair of
oscars. I am trying to sell these tanks off, so I can move to Grand Rapids for school. When I move i want to set up a vivarium. I was thinking I could get a bathtub and build it into a stand, with an acrylic sheet to extend the depth of the water portion. I could invert the plug switch to the outside of the new tank as well as the faucet switch. By these means I can remove and add water from the outside easily, posibly using an undergravel filter. I plan on having an Archer, Earth-eater, mud skipper, painter turtle, some tadpoles, frogs, and a water dragon. I think it would be easy and interesting to add crickets to feed everything once in a while.I was wondering if you have any advice or equipment ideas to help me acheive this."
Evan from Colorado calls back again and wonders if the stray-current in his aquarium is harmful to his fish?

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