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What We Do. 

This web site contains information about Pet Fish Talk, the weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
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Pet Fish Talk.
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Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds. Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Pet Fish Talk.

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     For the April 27, 2005 Pet Fish Talk Show.
In this show the Bailey Brothers talk with callers and read questions from listeners.
Click here now to listen to all four segments of today's show, or click on an underlined link given below in the Listening Guide to listen to a segment with topics that interest you.
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Listening Guide with Comments, Pictures, and Links for this Week's Pet Fish Talk Show
Segment One. 
First we quickly summarize last week's show. Then ...
Dennis from Spokane, Washington, calls and says that he dealt the final crushing blow to the white spots on his fish by turning the temperature in his aquarium up to about 83 degrees F. and adding more aquarium salt. We talk about the ideal temperature for Mollies and other aquarium fish.
Mel from Dixon, Illinois, calls and says she got a 10-gallon aquarium for her mother. She put a large Fantail Calico Goldfish in the aquarium, and recently this Goldfish has been changing color to black. Mel wonders if this is a problem. Tom talks about Goldfish spontaneously changing color for no apparent reason. Tom also recommends checking for the Signs of Stress and Disease such as clamped fins. Mel says the Fantail looks and acts healthy.
Ricardo says his 300-gallon stock tank is indoors. More about Ricardo's tank later, but right now we've got a phone call ...
Danny from Quebec City, Canada, calls and wants to know the distinction between male and female Piranhas.
Piranha Fish about 6" long. Click on this picture for more about Piranhas.   Here are some 6" long Piranha Fish showing good color with bright orange on their bodies and dark red fins. Click here for more about Piranhas.
Segment Two. 
Tom continues to talk with Danny from Quebec about his new Piranha Fish. Tom encourages Danny to call us back again in a few weeks and tell us more about his Piranhas.
Back to Ricardo's question about adding Spotted Puffers to his 300-gallon stock tank, which has replaced the dinner table in his family room!
Rebekah from West Virginia calls. Tom thanks her again for writing a poem about Pet Fish Talk. Rebekah has named her new Betta Vermilion. Her other Betta is named Jouvence. Tom asks Rebekah, who is now 13-years old, if it's hard to keep Betta Fish and how her parents feel about her keeping Betta Fish.
Rebekah gives the names of five of her Turtles: Tortuga a Mississippi Map Turtle, Nugget a Red Ear Slider, Twain another Mississippi Map Turtle, Caiman a Yellow Belly Turtle, and an extremely small Turtle named Oceana. Tom wonders if he got the spelling right?
Rebekah says she one of her adult male Guppies and lives in an aquarium with baby Guppies. Would ich medication be harmful to the babies? Tom explains how to treat the male Guppy without harming the babies. 
Segment Three. 
David from Montreal, Canada, calls and says he just got three pairs of the Dwarf Cichlid named Rams. David explains what the Rams are doing in his 50-gallon aquarium. Tom and David talk about making partial water changes with R/O water. David also says that in Canada the tap water is still treated with Chlorine. Tom says most of the tap water in the U.S. is now treated with Chloramine. David asks how long should he leave the light on above his aquarium?
Josh from Ohio calls and says for the first time in a long time he has an aquarium with cloudy water. Tom talks with Josh about this aquarium, about cloudy water, and about how to get the water to clear. Josh also says he's getting closer to buying a new aquarium ...
Back to Ricardo's (Ritchie's) question about keeping Archers, Puffers, and Plecostomus in a large 300-gallon stock tank. Tom mistakenly says one gallon of aquarium salt per five gallons of water, but of course, he meant to say one Tablespoon of aquarium salt per five gallons of water.
Segment Four. 
Jackie from Tampa, Florida, calls and gives us an update on the large 1.5-acre pond in her backyard which has the aquatic plant, Hydrilla, growing in it. Jackie has been working to get some sterile triploid Grass Carp to eat the Hydrilla.
Evan from Colorado calls and talks about his new 10-gallon Marine Aquarium with one Chromis, one Cardinal, and two Clown Fish, plus a heater adjusted to 78 or 79 degrees F., a light, a layer of crushed coral and pieces of shell, plus a skimmer. Evan is feeding his marine fish flake food. We talk about the pH of a marine aquarium. Evan says it's smart to have a freshwater aquarium before having a marine aquarium. Evan explains what is called live rock. In the picture above this paragraph you can see pieces of live rock growing in an underwater farm!
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