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What We Do. 

This web site contains information about Pet Fish Talk, the weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Click here to hear
a Pet Fish Talk Show now.
PodCasts in MP3 of Pet Fish Talk Blog about Tropical Fish and Aquariums delivered by RSS.
Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
PodCasts in MP3 of Pet Fish Talk Blog about Tropical Fish and Aquariums delivered by RSS.

Pet Fish Talk about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

Links for Pet Fish Talk, the internet talk show about keeping pet fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and Ponds.
MP3 PodCasts for Pet Fish Talk on
Thank you for your interest in listening to Pet Fish Talk, an Internet talk show about keeping pet fish, tropical fish, and goldfish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
What's MP3?
MP3 is a digital audio file format that is very popular for delivering audio over the internet. Pet Fish Talk is now available as an MP3 file. You can listen to that MP3 file or download it and play it later in any MP3 player, such as an iPod or an MP3-enabled CD player.
What's a PodCast?
A PodCast is an MP3 audio file distributed via RSS.
What's RSS?
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, automatically delivers newsfeeds directly to a desktop newsreader, such as Bloglines, where you can read that newsfeed, when it's updated.
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How to use RSS
Register for an account with a newsreader, which will run in your web browser and allow you to read feeds from the sources you select, such as Pet Fish Talk. Here is a list with several newsreaders.
Tropical Fish.
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Tropical Fish.

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5. About iTunes and the iPod
At this time iTunes and iPod seem to be the best ways to listen to Pet Fish Talk. Here is some help on getting them to work.

Click on this image for more information about email comments sent to Pet Fish Talk, the internet talk show about Keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and Ponds.

Hi guys,

I really love your show and I've just been listening to your latest episode which had a discussion about iTunes. I just thought I would let you know there is a very easy way to download your show that you don't seem to mention on your show and I would guess a lot of people don't know about. This is the Podcast RSS feed.
Please could you mention this feed on your show more often? I feel it's the best way to receive your show. I am subscribed to your feed in iTunes as well as many others, all I need to do is load up iTunes once a day and it downloads all the new podcasts that are available. I then connect my iPod to my PC and iTunes automatically copies the shows over to it.
I think an important point to tell your listeners is that you don't need to own an iPod in order to use iTunes, it can be used to play the shows on your PC and you could copy them onto other portable players or CDs. Also another cool feature of iTunes is that you can view a list of all the shows in the feed, so you can pick from a selection of past shows really easily.
Please mention this to your listeners as I'm sure it make peoples life easier, and they would have more time for fish!
PS I hope you continue to publish the shows at the same time, as the new show normally pops up on my ipod on a Friday and Saturday and this gives me something interesting to listen to whilst I do a water change on my Discus tank!
Reply. Hi Kevin, thank you for your helpful email. Following your advice, we opened the program iTunes in our computer, then we did these steps ...
(1) Click on "Advanced", which is near the top of the screen.
(2) Click on "Subscribe to Podcast".
(3) Enter the url ...
(4) Click on "OK".
This got Pet Fish Talk into iTunes, which we understand can "sync" with an iPod, but we do not have an iPod to test.
Incidentally, the program iTunes is free from Apple. You can download iTunes by clicking on the next line ...
Click here to buy an Apple iPod, which can play Pet Fish Talk Shows.
Below is an email from Brian in Australia with another explanation about how to download Pet Fish Talk Shows.

Click on this image for more information about email comments sent to Pet Fish Talk, the internet talk show about Keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and Ponds.

... just incase you have anyone else ask you about podcasting to download your show onto their iPod or any other mp3 player here are the instructions in 3 easy steps for fellow poddies, you may find room on your site for these:
1: Download podcasting software such as Juice Receiver (an Open Source cross platform podcast receiver), Apple's iTunes for Mac and Windows or similar podcasting software. These programs allow you to schedule regular updates to your selected downloads with an iPod or other portable media player (mp3) including mobile phones which are mp3 compatible. The range includes programs which allow you to listen to podcasts on mobile phones and Pocket PCs, as well as computers running Mac or Linux OS.
Once you have set up and acquainted yourself with the podcasting software, then copy & paste the subscription URL
FOR PET FISH TALK into the URL box in your podcasting program. This will add the selected program to your podcasting subscriptions. In iTunes you do this by going to your podcast library folder and clicking on 'Advanced' and then 'Subscribe to Podcast'.
If you want to receive these programs regularly, make sure the scheduling function on your podcasting software is set to search for new podcasts automatically this is generally the default anyway.
2: Once downloaded you will find your mp3 in the folder you select your podcast software to save it into, for windows XP & Vista the default folder is
C:/.../My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcast/Pet Fish Talk Show
This is obviously for Pet Fish Talk using iTunes. You can change this folder in iTunes by clicking on Edit - Preferences - Advanced & selecting the general tab.
3: Copy the mp3 file onto your iPod/mp3 or mobile as you would normally do & enjoy.
I hope that will be helpful to some of your other listeners who enjoy their pods as I do any other help I may be able to give just e-mail me.
6. Copyright and Fair Use
The RSS Feed for Pet Fish Talk includes information about the weekly shows and other changes in the content of this web site. This feed is intended to be viewed in a newsreader or to be syndicated to another web site, subject to international copyright laws and fair use.
Click on the ad, just below, to learn more.
Copyright 2002-2022 Pet Fish Talk. All Rights Reserved. No part of the contents of this web site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of Pet Fish Talk.
IMPORTANT: Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Agreement and our Disclaimer. Click here to read our Disclaimer, and click here to read our Privacy Agreement.
Click here for our street address, phone number, fax, and email address.
This page updated on January 04, 2022.
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